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Life of Afghan Women after 2021


        Zahra is an Afghan young woman who is an ethnic Tajik and has graduated from one of the prestigious universities in Afghanistan. She had high hopes for building her career in Afghanistan and wanted to achieve her goals through the field of research. She was very enthusiastic to attend her job as a Research assistant in one of the local NGOs. 25 years old S had learned a great deal and she was progressing positively at a fast pace. She also had plans to get involved in civic activities and wanted to be a women rights activist.

On 15 August, 2021 she was ready and very enthusiastic to present the research project’s findings with her colleagues, however, she was unaware that the political situation of the country will deteriorate completely and her fate will be unknown.

 Zahra articulates that, it was 10 a.m. in the morning at the office when she was informed that the De-Facto Authorities are taking over Kabul and she was sent home until further notice for her own safety. Several restless days passed in uncertainty and finally, she was informed by her office that the project has been cancelled and she no longer has a job.

Zahra further enunciated that she was the sole earner in her family, and De-Facto Authority’s takeover had affected her mentally and financially as she was not allowed to work anymore.

Zahra adds that her goals and dreams turned to ashes, and currently she is having a hard time managing her and her family’s needs. After several tries to find employment, finally, she was shortlisted for a position in one of the Afghan ministries, but she was turned down at the gate and was never allowed to enter, because she did not have a mahram (Chaperone).

She does not see a future for her and her family in Afghanistan and since then, she has been trying to leave Afghanistan and migrate to a country where according to her, human rights and women rights are respected.